Buffalo Tournament Club

An 18 hole public access golf course in the Buffalo, NY area

Tee Times

Click button to make your tee time ONLINE or call (716)-681-4653.


By booking a tee time online and or over the phone, the golfer agrees to the below terms and conditions.


A “TEE TIME” is a reservation to BEGIN your round of golf at the specified time.  If your TEE TIME is 8:07 a.m., then at 8:07 a.m. you (or someone within your group) should be hitting the first tee shot of your round.  (Hence the term: The tee time is the time at which you tee off).

Inform all players in your group to be present, paid and checked in with the starter 15 minutes prior to your tee time.  The group will be required to tee off on the given stating hole at their TEE TIME.  Late players in the group will be required to join your group out on the course, Buffalo Tournament Club will not hold your tee time to wait for late players in your group.  Management reserves the right to allow other golfers out at your TEE TIME for failure to follow the above policy and your TEE TIME will be forfeited.

From time to time Buffalo Tournament Club will require a credit card to reserve a TEE TIME.  Your TEE TIME is subject to the below cancellation policy.

By booking a TEE TIME online a credit card will be required and your TEE TIME is subject to the below cancellation policy.  Players still are able to pay individually at the time of check in.  When booking online please select the number of players that you can GUARANTEE to avoid SHORT SALES.  Weekend ONLINE DISCOUNTS will not be GUARANTEED for SHORT SALES or NO SHOWS of a TEE TIME.

TEE TIMES and or SHORT SALES (fewer golfers than booked) that are not canceled 24 hours prior are subject to your credit card be charged for reserved players at Full Rates.  To cancel tee times and or change the number of players please contact the golf shop at (716) 681-4653.

By booking a tee time online or over the phone, golfer agrees to all of the policies above.


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